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1 Rules! el Lun Jul 11, 2016 11:27 pm


In Transit
In Transit
Hello, guys! Lionel's writer here (@KnightofHalo). This is the idea I told you about in the OOC DM group, and this friend of mine (the author of the idea, actually) kindly let us use her forum for the battles (gracias, @spyro!).

This system is not really that hard once you get the idea; basically, at the beginning of each battle (each one will have its own topic so we won't make a mess), we'll state which Pokémons and which attacks we'll use (four, to make things easier). If the Pokémon has an ability, it must also be stated in your first post, for example:

Lionel escribió:I choose Lucario (Fighting/Steel).
1. Dragon pulse (dragon)
2. Aura sphere (fighting)
3. Extreme speed (normal)
4. Bone rush (ground)

And since Lionel has a Lucarionite, if Lucario evolves, M-Lucario's Adaptability doubles fighting type attacks.
So now we decide whose turn is it by throwing a 2-numbered dice;
Lionel escribió:1. Lionel
2. Dude
If 1 comes out, then Lionel starts and nd the battle begins!

Each Pokémon starts with 50 HP and each attack will have a dice of 10.
Lionel escribió:Lucario: 50 HP
Persian: 50 HP
"Lucario, use Dragon pulse!"
Let's say a 5 came out, the next user has to do the math for their Pokémon's HP.
Dude escribió:Lucario: 50 HP
Persian: (50-5) = 45 HP

"Persian, use Scratch!"
But there are also strengths and weaknesses, right? And we know Normal is weak against Fighting, so if a 6 comes from that dice, rules say the damage done is x0.5, so the real damage done is 3 instead of 6. If the number is 7, it's half is 3.5 and it goes to 4 in order to make it easier, okay?

So next is Lionel's turn:
Lionel escribió:Lucario: (50-3) = 47 HP
Persian: 45 HP

"Lucario, Aura sphere!"
So now the precious strengths; Fighting is super-effective against Normal, so, yes, it's power is doubled. If the number is 4, then the "total" damage is 8.

And so it goes until one Pokémon loses all of its HP.

Additionally, each user will have only one defensive turn in which they can throw a dice to weaken their opponent's attack, for example,
Lionel escribió:Lucario, use Extreme Speed!
Let's say an 8 comes out.
Dude escribió:"Persian, hang on!"
Defensive dice
Let's say a 5 comes out, then the real damage done by Lucario is (8-5) = 3.

Also, if the trainer has a Mega stone and their Pokémon Mega evolves, their attack dice increases from 10 to 15.

What about items? Well, no items would be used.
And the other abilities? Since they're a bit too complicated to be adapted to this system, abilities that don't directly affect the attack/defence of the Pokémon would practically be ignored.

And I think that's all. Whit and I will have a demonstration battle in order to clarify this thingy.

Let the storm rage on!
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2 Re: Rules! el Mar Jul 12, 2016 1:34 pm

Hawk Lover

Divinidad del spam
Yo se hablar ingles y entiendo a la perfeccion lo escrito. Pero cuesta un poco asimilarlo para quienes no saben el idioma. ¿Es posible traducir Renamon el post en español para los demas usuarios?

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